About us

What is PetSquare?

PetSquare is a smartphone app for everyone connected with pets.

‘Everyone’ means everyone! — pet owners, pet service providers like dog walkers and cat sitters, vets large and small, pet product retailers, pet food manufacturers, pet insurance providers, pet charities and breed specialists… If you’re involved in keeping pets healthy, happy and feeling loved, you’ll want to be on PetSquare. (Get the free PetSquare app now! For iOS  |  For Android )

PetSquare is also a digital platform for the pet industry.

Behind the scenes, it has deep and growing integration with all aspects of pet care, from financial services and animal health to breeders, clubs and leading governing bodies. This deep integration makes PetSquare the place for pet-related business activity: it enables many current working practices to be done more simply and effectively, and opens up rich possibilities for product and service innovation.

For more info on PetSquare, see our FAQs section.