What is PetSOS?
  1. What is PetSOS?
    1. PetSOS is the brand name used by PetSquare for its pet ‘hotline’ telephone service for pet owners seeking help and advice relating to the health and welfare of their family pets.
    2. PetSOS provides a 24x7x365 telephone advisory service for
      1. Triage: Providing veterinary advice to pet owners who have urgent concerns on matters relating the the health of their pets, using clinical protocols to triage the issue and provide clear advice to the User on what to do next.
      2. General: Providing advice, tips and assistance on general matters of pet health, diet and behaviour and good practice.
    3. PetSOS is one of the service elements of PetStart, which is a package of free or discounted services and products available as an option to all PetSquare users.
  2. Is PetSOS an emergency service?
    1. PetSOS is not an emergency service. It’s intended for access to advice only and is not intended to replace a physical examination by a veterinarian. Go immediately to the nearest emergency veterinary practice if your pet:
      1. Needs emergency assistance or is in a life-threatening emergency
      2. Is unconscious, is not breathing, is labouring to breathe or gasping for air
      3. Experiencing an allergic reaction, bleeding uncontrollably, or showing any symptoms that require urgent veterinary attention.
  3. Who is entitled to use the PetSOS service?
    1. PetSOS is available to support family pets (currently only dogs and cats) belonging to registered users of the PetSquare app who have chosen to join the PetStart scheme and are within the PetSOS trial period or have an active paid PetSOS subscription.
  4. Who provides the advice offered by PetSOS?
    1. PetSOS is provided by Vetsdirect Limited, whose Registered Office is c/o Neill Clerk & Murray, 3 Ardgowan Square, Greenock, PA16 8NW.
    2. All calls are handled by Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) registered veterinary nurses.
    3. The advice given follows Vetsdirect clinical protocols designed to help pet owners decide (in the case of triage) whether they need to take the pet to a vet or not or (general advice) provide sound practical advise to promote the general health and welfare of pets.
  5. What does PetSOS cost?
    1. The PetSOS service costs £0.99 a month (charged as an annual subscription of £11.88 per year), prices including VAT.
    2. Pet owners who sign up for PetSquare’s optional PetStart scheme are automatically signed up to the PetSOS service on a free, two-month trial, without pre-payment or other commitment. When the trial period ends, access to the PetSOS service will automatically cease, without cost, obligation or further action on the User’s part, unless the User chooses at that point to subscribe to PetSOS.
    3. If the User chooses to subscribe to the PetSOS service, that subscription can be cancelled at any time. PetSOS access will continue to be available to the subscriber until the end of the active 12-month period of the User’s subscription and no refund is offered.
  6. How does a User access PetSOS?
    1. Users with an active trial or full subscription can call the PetSOS hotline by using the dedicated PetSOS button in the SOS section of the PetSquare app.
    2. You and your pets must live in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.
    3. The cost of the call to the PetSOS service is as follows:
      1. Calls from within the UK: Cost will be the standard UK call charges to 0303 numbers from a mobile phone. Calls to an 0303 number are the same as a call to a normal home or business landline and are usually included in talktime and bundled minutes, otherwise standard landline rates as part of your call package. Check with your phone provider.
      2. Calls from outside the UK: The standard international call charges applying to your mobile phone’s tariff for calls to UK landlines will apply. Check with your phone provider.
    4. The PetSOS service is provided in English.
What’s PetSquare all about?

At the centre of PetSquare is — pets.

You love ’em, we love ’em, everyone loves them.

The PetSquare app acts as a hub or meeting place where everyone connected with pets and pet care can directly connect with one another, talk and share.

And what for? Fun, social sharing, better communications, easier ways to acquire useful info, and above all, a better understanding of pets and how to help our furry family members live longer, healthier, happier lives.

And it’s 100% pets. That’s PetSquare’s sole focus. So you can post and chat and talk pets till — uh — the cats come home, without fear of annoying people who don’t happen to be as into pets as you are.

Oh, and right now, we’re about cats and dogs. Other pets are super lovable and important to us too, but we had to start somewhere.

What’s in the PetSquare app?

Just about everything you need to stay connected and up to date with things that could affect your pet or improve its life — or yours!

  • Social networking with other pet-crazy people: works just like you’d expect, with text, photo and video posts, likes, friends… it’s all there and you already know how to use it. It’s not just the people you’d expect either: your vet, your dog groomer or cat sitter is just as likely to be part of the conversation.
  • Messaging: so you can chat and gossip and share one-to-one in private, or with special interest groups, without even leaving the app. For instance, chat with a friend about this afternoon’s walk without the whole world knowing about it, or join a group discussing products, breeds and issues that affect you.
  • Your pets’ info: everything in your pocket — from insurance renewal dates to vaccinations and medical profile to family tree and litter history.
Who is PetSquare?

PetSquare Limited is a registered company incorporated in England and Wales Nº 07937421. Our Registered Office: 141a New Road, Ascot SL5 8QA, England.

PetSquare® is a registered trade mark, Nº 015435068. We’re registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioners’ office, ref ZA371700.